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❈ pre sales services:
Accept user consultation
Confirm the scale of user construction
Design and build factory scheme for users
Provide shop drawings and relevant data
Participate in plant construction process supervision
Huixin participated in the design of thousands of brick factories and preserved a large number of site design schemes. Huixin can provide all construction drawings according to the user's site, and make sure that the user can produce smoothly and save investment as much as possible, so as to obtain benefits.
❈ in sale services:
Supervision of infrastructure and other process construction
Set up management framework and train production related personnel
Guide installation on site and train production operators
As the leader of environmental protection machinery manufacturers, Huixin has not only sold equipment alone, but also designed the whole factory for customers, so that customers don't worry about plant planning and management, so that customers can truly enjoy all the industry knowledge and professional technology possessed by Huixin, which is also the core value of Huangshi.
❈ after sales service:
Create user profile
24 hours / 365 days for technical consultation
Regular return visit of engineering and technical personnel
Local parts claim Center
The goal of Huixin after-sales service is to let you continuously experience the characteristics of Huixin equipment. User files will clearly record the user's equipment model and special requirements. So that we can accurately and timely provide users with the required services. Improve the spare parts compensation service center and after-sales service department in the user intensive areas, so that customers have high-quality after-sales service.
❈ extension services:
Equipment system upgrade
Equipment, mold update
Share accurate industry cutting-edge information
Timely adoption of new technology
Huixin's high-quality service team will receive in-depth training covering Huixin equipment and Huixin technology on a regular basis to ensure that they understand the needs of the equipment and know how to keep the equipment at its peak. Every Huixin technician who assembles and maintains your equipment should take part in many initial, middle and senior professional technical training. Even the most senior technicians need to participate in the equipment technology update training every year. Constantly improve the scope of services, timely provide industry information, new technology and new materials, new technology sharing is to ensure that users can better production and operation.