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Environmental protection function of waste incinerator发布日期:2020-04-27 17:22 浏览次数:
1. Garbage incinerator is the inner wall, which is lined with high aluminum oxide fire-resistant furnace, surrounded by oxygen filled air holes, so that the exhaust gas can better contact with the atmosphere, diesel oil tank light diesel oil, through the pipeline combustion from the automatic ignition
2. Open the exhaust system, exhaust gas passes through the combustion nozzle, and then oxidizes rapidly. The combustion is designed according to the three ton principle (temperature, time, eddy current). Exhaust gas enters the incineration plant, and the combustion flame moves axially along the furnace body at the speed of 2-3 M / S, which greatly extends the residence time of high-temperature flame in the area. The pressure and wind speed are 2-3 M /
3. combined with closed fire network, the flame swirl can be fully burned, and then spray and absorb the turret, remove toxic and harmful components in the flue gas, and discharge the atmosphere through the chimney. The combustion device in the garbage incinerator is an oven lined with refractory lining in the exhaust gas type.
4. The MSW incinerator has changed the porous air jet system on the inner wall. The special nozzle design makes the oxygen blow into the furnace from different angles, making the combustion more thorough
5. It is designed not to turn the fire under pressure combustion, to avoid leakage of harmful gas during combustion, safe and reliable operation, high safety -- the function of not detonating the gas before explosion, to prevent explosion: the remaining sugar combustion timer unit is designed to ensure that there is no remaining explosive gas, when burning and photosensitive tube detection, restocking or ignition failure, fast and automatic cutting off the oil circuit, safe and reliable, Anti theft alarm completed, instrument monitoring operation of the entire operating system
6. The operating cost of MSW incinerator is low. Because of the adoption of this technology, the equipment is simplified, the cost is reduced, and the maintenance is convenient. There is no two times of pollution using multi-phase air supply system
The waste incinerator can reduce the emission of pollutants in the combustion process. For the current combustion technology to reduce pollution, with such an environmental protection system, it is not afraid to cause pollution, which is also an important reason for the wide application of this equipment